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DOUG HOLCOMBE, Theatre, by Bill Marshall
“The excellent Katrina Mathers bringing so much presence, she haunts the space after she leaves" Robert Chuter, ArtsHub Performing Arts Reviews

SHOT, Multimedia Narrative, by Tatiana Doroshenko
“The actress who played all the parts in this piece is astonishing. It would not have worked without the acting skill she brought to this work” Michael Buckley, VCA

ECONOMY CLASS, HSV7 Telemovie, by Kevin Carlin and Stephen Luby
“Young actress Katrina Mathers shines as a street wise kid who forms an unlikely relationship with an unemployed engineer” David Baird, Herald-Sun
“It is well acted (Mathers is terrific) and production values are excellent for a low budget feature” Garry Mansfield, Herald-Sun
“Katrina Mathers gives an edgy, unexaggerated performance as Mezza” Phillip Adams, The Australian.

FOOTY CHICKS, Moosehead Award Comedy Festival Show, by Fiona Harris and Katrina Mathers
“Fiona Harris & Katrina Mathers are excellent in the roles of Fran and Jane, creating a wonderful Odd Couple type relationship… based on the quality of writing and performance in Footy Chicks, they will be well worth watching in the future… It’s funny, entertaining and well worth seeing". Stageleft.
“Fiona Harris & Katrina Mathers carry the entire show… with finely-honed acting skills and timing that keep the laughs coming…” The Chaser Newspaper
“Harris and Mathers delivered a tight and amusing performance… the characters were made real by well-honed acting abilities… ” InPress
“A slick two-hander, Footy Chicks is a hilarious expose of what some women will put themselves through in the name of being, or becoming, a footballer's girlfriend” The Age.

CRAZY RICHARD, Independent Short Feature, by Katrina Mathers and Dean Frances
"Mathers' descent into virtual madness is both compelling and blackly funny." Shadows on the Wall Film Festival Review
“The film's stars (and subjects and filmmakers!) are all extremely well cast” British Film Institute, LLGFF

THE WEDGE, Network 10 Sketch Series
"I thought it was the freshest new thing on TV... Sandra Sultry was very funny". Neil Mitchell, 3AW

Katrina is best known for creating and performing the character of “Sandra Sultry” for Channel 10’s “The Wedge”. She was a Moosehead Recipient for the two-hander comic stage play “Footy Chicks” at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and one of the regular writer/performers on the ABC TV late night comedy series “Flipside”, alongside the Curry brothers.

Katrina played the lead role of 'Mezza' in the 1990's Channel 7 telemovie "Economy Class" with Denis Moore, Marg Downey and Bud Tingwell. She's been in countless short films, cooperative theatre productions, radio series, TV commercials and corporate productions and live events. She's appeared in guest roles on TV shows such as "Blue Heelers", "All Saints", "Wilfred" and "City Homicide" and played the lead in the independent features "Cold", "Move! Where are You Going", and "Crazy Richard".

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Winners and Losers - Guest role - Network 7

Prank Patrol (Series I, Australia) - Regular ensemble cast - Active TV - ABC3/ABC1

Wilfred II - Lead Guest (Ros Barclay) - SBS & Barking Mad Productions

City Homicide - Lead Guest (Sally Cousins) - Network 7

All Saints - Lead Guest (Kara Greave) - Network 7

The Wedge (Regular Writer/Cast w Rebel Wilson, Jason Gann, Kate Jenkinson, Adam Zwar, Damian Callinan, Cal Wilson, Julie Eckersley, Anthony Ahern, Marney McQueen, Dailan Evans & Ross Daniels) - Sketch Series I & II - Channel 10/Cornerbox

Flipside (Regular Writer/Cast w Stephen Curry, Bernard Curry, Andrew Curry, Fiona Harris, Nathaniel Kiwi, Gerard Cogley and Steven Stagg), Sketch Series, ABCTV Dir: Nick Bufalo

Blue Heelers - Lead Guest, double episode (Olive Katovich) - Southern Star


Move! Where are you Going? - International Feature Film (Spain/Italy). Dir: Pietro Jona

Crazy Richard - Short Feature (Miss Matters) - Lead - Dir: Katrina Mathers & Dean Francis

Economy Class - Telemovie - Lead (Mezza) - Channel 7/Albert Street Productions. Dir: Kevin Carlin. Pdr: Stephen Luby


Offspring TV Director's Worskhop - Actor

Tanked Sample - Teaser Scenes for Feature Film Pitch - Dir/Producers: Katrina Mathers & Kerry Drumm (in post)

Edge of the Ledge - Narrative TV Comedy Teaser - Dir/Producers: Katrina Mathers & Simone Ray

Branded Content Pilot (Presenter) - Dir: Harry Hart

Forget the Rules (Guest) - Interactive Online Drama - Catfish Productions. Dir: Colin Mowbray

The Bret Braddock Adventures - Short Animated Pilot - Dir: David Blumenstein

T25 - Sitcom Pilot - Independent - Dir: Ben Usher

The Apprentice - Comedy/Documentary Pilot - Melodrama Pictures. Dir: Dennis K. Smith


Shortbridge - Short Film (unreleased) - Dir: Oscar Sharp. Producer: Clare Sackler

Grandad - Short Film (educational release) - Dir: Jonathan Dutton. Producer: Zyra McAuliffe

No Good Deed - VCA Short (currently unreleased) - Dir: John Tummino. Producer: Lucy Hayes

A Love Story - Short Film - Dir: Simon Bare

Saw - Original Short Film - Dir: James Wan

Last Stop - Short Film (Tropfest finalist) - Dir: Greg Williams

Herman the Legal Labrador - Short Animation - Dir: David Blumenstein, Nakedfella Productions

Shot - Interactive Drama & Short Film - Dir: Tatiana Doroshenko


Doug Holcombe at The Owl and the Pussycat (Rhonda) - Dir: Kieran Carroll

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anxiety But Were Too Afraid to Ask - Dir: Bill Marshall

MIT: Melebourne Interactive Theatre 'The Messenger' - Dir: Kristin Sargent. Producer: Ben Willis

Footy Chicks - Comic Stage Play (Moosehead Award Recipient, with Fiona Harris) - Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Dir: Roz Hammond


The Breakfast Shift (Regular Cast, with Stig Wymss, Paul McCarthy, Grant Piro & Maxine Klibingaitis) - Weekly Radio Drama Series - 774 ABC Radio Melbourne


2016 Generation Next 'Screen Creators' Conference, Panel Speaker

2014 & 2015 Flickerfest short film preselection panel

2013 Generation Next 'Kids TV' Conference, Panel Speaker and Session Moderator

2013 St Kilda Film Festival, Judge, 30th Anniversary year

2013 An Afternoon With: On The Couch guest, interviewed by Robert Chuter at Chapel off Chapel

2012 & 2013 Melbourne International Animation Festival, 101 animation session presentations with The Lampshade Collective

2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Careers in Animation, Guest Speaker

2012 Open Channel 'Framed' Seminar panel: Inside The Lampshade Collective, interviewed by Ros Walker

2012 AACTA Awards, Short Film & Short Animation Preselection Panel

2009 110th Anniversary Gala Dinner, Mentone Girls' Grammar School, MC

2008 Arts Law Week, Know Your Rights: Competitions & Prizes, Guest Speaker

2008 Open Channel Course, There's No Business Like Show Business, Guest Presenter

2007 AFI Awards, Television Preselection Jury & Grand Jury

2007 Rock Eisteddfod Challenge, Grand Final Nights at Vodafone Arena, Guest Judge

2007 MEAA Make Your Own Fun, Seminar for aspiring actors presented by Actors Equity, Panel Speaker

2007 RMIT Student Film Awards, Guest Judge & Presenter

2006 Geelong 24hr Filmmaking Shootout Competition, Guest Judge

2005 iLiving TV Pilot for the Lifestyle Channel, Guest 'Expert' in making a film on a mobile phone

2004 Inaugural Comedy Awards, presented by Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Guest Presenter

2004 The Know for Music Max, Guest Panel Member

2003 Brian McCarthy Memorial Moosehead Award Benefit Night, Guest Performer

2003 The Australian Sitcom Festival, Forum about writing comedy collaboratively, Panel Speaker

2003 Melbourne University Short Course Program, How to Make a Short Film, Course Tutor

02-03 Screen Actors’ Guild, Ongoing Performance Classes for Teens and Adults, Course Tutor

2002 Northern Film Network - How to Write a Short Film, Guest Speaker

2002 MAFIA Documentary Awards, Awards Night MC

2001 Producers’ & Directors’ Guild of Australia, Panel Speaker

2001 The Australian Sitcom Festival, Collaborative Comedy Writing Session, Panel Speaker

1999 Melbourne International Film Festival Short Film Selection Panel

1998 Cinessential Forum on No-Budget Filmmaking with Roger Corman, Newcastle, Panel Speaker

1996 WIFT, Women in Motion Seminar, Panel Speaker

1996 Mentone Girls’ Grammar Year 12 Graduation, Guest Speaker

1995 St Catherines' Girls School Year 12 Careers Day, Focus on Women In Business, Panel Speaker



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